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Abraham Lessons - When God Calls

Abraham LessonsPastorSunday,
January 9, 2022

The Christmas Promise

Christmas SeriesPastor DougSunday,
December 26, 2021

Five Biblical Reasons For The Season

Christmas SeriesPastor Doug SchildknechtSunday,
December 19, 2021

SonShine Preschool Christmas Program & Worship

Pastor Doug SchildknechtMonday,
December 13, 2021

The Mistake of the Manger

Pastor Doug SchildknechtSunday,
December 5, 2021

Searching For Christmas Hope

Pastor Doug SchildknechtSunday,
November 28, 2021

Having A Hungry-Heart for Worship

Just Like JesusPastor Doug SchildknechtSunday,
November 21, 2021

Having A Compassionate Heart

Just Like JesusPastor Doug SchildknechtSunday,
November 14, 2021

Loving The People Your Stuck With

Just Like JesusPastor Doug SchildknechtMonday,
November 8, 2021

Country Church Sunday

FBC Worship Team & Pastor DougSunday,
October 31, 2021

Mission Dignity

Aaron MerazSunday,
October 24, 2021

Having a Heart Like Jesus - Humility

Having a Heart Like JesusPastor Doug SchildknechtSunday,
October 17, 2021

Lessons From the Life of Daniel - What To Do With Hungry Lions

Pastor Doug SchildknechtSunday,
October 3, 2021

Lessons From The Life of Daniel - When God Writes on Our Walls

Pastor Doug SchildknechtSunday,
September 26, 2021