Monday's Moments
October 8, 2018, 2:02 PM

Monday, October 8th, 2018

Monday’s Moments…

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:21

The following is today’s devotion by Dr. David Jeremiah as it pertains to the verse above… I though this was good and applicable! :-)

“The horn on your car is amoral—like the tongue, a weapon, or money, it is dependent on its owner to be used for good or bad. The auto horn has become a tool of road rage in our culture, long blasts signaling our disapproval of another driver’s actions. And maybe that driver’s actions were wrong. But Scripture exhorts us to overcome evil (wrongs) with good (patience, understanding) rather than with evil (anger, retaliation).

In the Old Testament, burning coals were a symbol of judgment (Psalm 11:6; 140:10). But there are gentle ways to “pass judgment” that have better outcomes as illustrated in Proverbs: harsh words stir up anger, gentle words turn away anger (15:1); a gentle word can break a bone (25:15). For that reason, Solomon advised treating enemies kindly (25:21) as a way to “heap coals of fire on his head” (25:22)—advice repeated by the apostle Paul (Romans 12:20).

Paying back evil with evil is out. So, when you feel tempted, ask God to show you something good you can do for another person. It is possible to overcome evil with good. That’s how God overcomes our sin every day—with love and goodness.”

It was good to be back home at FBC this past Sunday… I appreciated the time away last week, and all who stepped up to serve in my absence.

What a blessing it was to worship together and to present Ted Martin with his “License to the Gospel Ministry”, and on top of that having his granddaughter Camryn come forward for baptism, making her public decision in accepting Jesus as her Lord and Savior – how awesome is that!

Next Sunday we’ll begin a mini-series on “Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts – What is It & What Do I Do With It?” Join us for this interesting and applicable series on how God gives gifts to network the body of Christ in serving and living for His glory, and for the servant-ministry of the church. There is a place for you… Sunday School begins at 9:45am and Worship follows at 11:00am. Come worship with us, and bring a friend!

Finally – Our Personnel Committee is recommending to hire a new part-time administrative assistant and will share her background and experience at our upcoming business meeting this Sunday evening… as approved, Debbie Lehmann will be joining our staff beginning next Monday and will be doing some office training with Marly and Joyce. Be sure to say hi the next time you drop by the church office or call.

Here’s What Coming Up:

  • Oct. 14th – Meeting Day & Business Meeting
  • Oct. 18-19 – Senior Adult Fall Trip to Branson
  • Oct. 28th – Country Church Sunday and Carry-In Dinner
  • Ladies Retreat has been postponed to January – details coming soon

Please Pray This Week:

  • Health & Recovery –Jimmie O’Dell, Jim Tanis, Eli Chapman (Konopasek), Susan Madsen, Colton Eshelmen, Juanita Taylor, Joyce Rose, Austin Wood
  • Homebound – Mary Schmidt, Joyce Brammer, Jerry & Judy Buttress, Joann Drummond, Cathy Bishop, Pat Buckner
  • FBC Ministries – Student/Youth Ministry – volunteers and personnel committee as they search for a new staff members.

Servin’ Him Together!

Doug Schildknecht